Avant Gates

Special Education Teacher, Orr Middle School

  • 2008: Graduated from Eldorado HS in Las Vegas
  • 2012: Graduated from UNLV and joined CCSD
  • 2013: Recognized as one of the New Educators of the Year

 “Teaching in Las Vegas has given me countless opportunities to grow as a professional.”

Why did you decide to teach in the Clark County School District? 
I grew up in Las Vegas and went to school here. What influenced me, like most teachers, are the teachers who greatly impacted my life. I had a handful who really pushed me to my limits, directed me in the right direction and were a positive influence to do right in my life. As a middle school and high school kid, it is so easy to be pushed one direction or the other, and I’m grateful to have the people push me in the right way. After graduating from Eldorado High School, I went to UNLV. I was first undecided about my major, but after doing my practicum, student teaching and long-term sub work here, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for a career.

How would you describe your colleagues? 
Warm and helpful. I feel very comfortable going to any staff member or colleague at my school knowing that they will be able to give me knowledgeable advice or point me in the right direction.

What sets the Clark County School District apart?
The diversity in the children and the staff. I’m able to relate with a lot of the kids, which helps them out. I don’t want them to think that I don’t understand what they are dealing with. I’ve been through the trenches and the struggles. With our staff, people come from all over the country. It’s good to get other’s outlooks and teaching styles.