Ebone Jasper

Personnel Analyst, Human Resources

  • 1990: Joined CCSD’s HR department as as a temp
  • 1990: Hired to be a full-time documents clerk
  • 1994: Promoted to peronnel assistant
  • 1998: Promoted to secretary
  • 2007: Promoted to personnel analyst

“I like working with administrators and the schools because I get to work with a lot of different people.”

How would you describe your job as a personnel analyst?
I primarily assist schools with their licensed personnel. This includes recommending teachers for hire, transfers, reassignments, and auditing allocated positions. I am fortunate that my job allows me to work with many different administrators, teachers, and support staff throughout the district.

How would you describe your colleagues at CCSD?
They are very hard working, intelligent, and a fun group to work with. It’s a diverse group of people who bring a lot of different experiences to the district.

How does CCSD support your growth?
The district always offers different classes and opportunities to strengthen computer skills and on working with others in the district.