Irene Chau

Food Services Region Supervisor

  • 2003: Joined CCSD as a temporary food services worker
  • 2003: Promoted to food services manager I
  • 2004: Promoted to food services supervisor II
  • 2010: Promoted to food service region supervisor (personnel)

“CCSD gives me ample opportunity to succeed.”

How would you describe your role as Food Services Personnel Supervisor?
I am responsible for all HR activities for the food service department. I coordinate with CCSD HR and am the contact for food service personnel.

What drew you to work for the Clark County School District?
I have been in Las Vegas for 33 years. I worked in casinos and owned three neighborhood Chinese restaurants. After I got married and had children, I wanted more time with my husband and children. I wanted to be home in time to help my kids with their homework.

How does Clark County support your growth?
My supervisor gives me a lot of opportunity in my position and lets me make decisions. He gives me the authority to do my job. He gives me a mission and then I give him the result. My goal is to become an administrator in the next 10 years. CCSD gives me ample opportunity to succeed.