Jennifer Barkowitz

Dean, Green Valley HS

  • 2000: Began teaching career in Arizona
  • 2004: Joined CCSD as an elementary teacher
  • 2010: Served as an elementary math specialist
  • 2014: Promoted to Dean at Green Valley HS

“CCSD wants you to be successful by giving you the means to do so.”

You used to teach in Laughlin, a rural part of Clark County. What is it like to work in one of the rural schools within such a large district?
Laughlin is a rural community that is an hour and a half south of Las Vegas. Being a teacher in the small town of Laughlin gives you the experience of working very close with the community. As a teacher you get to see the students’ progress both academically and personally in the K-12 system. You get to work closely with the families and the community. The community and schools are personable and very close knit. Working in a rural school allows you the opportunity to wear many hats, jumping in to do what the students and community need.

How does the Clark County School District support teachers?
Working for Clark County School District gives you a variety of support. The district offers numerous courses to advance yourself and continue your education, both in person and online. CCSD offers a plethora of trainings on new programs and technologies, such as Common Core, Inform, and Curriculum Engine. The district makes great effort to give you a variety of support throughout the school year and during the summer. They offer programs to help teachers develop lesson plans and network with other teachers in the district. CCSD wants you to be successful by giving you the means to do so.

How have the district and your former administrators prepared and supported you as you transition from a teaching position to an administrative position?
The support has been phenomenal. I have had great support from both my current and new supervisor. The district, along with my supervisors, want to see people grow within the district. They encourage individuals to get new experiences to become future leaders. My former administrators have given me advice and leadership opportunities that have prepared me for my current position.

What are you most excited about in your new role as a dean?
The entire opportunity excites me. I look forward to learning my new position and new environment. I am looking forward to working with students and teachers from a different perspective, with the support of a great administrative team.