Lara Bouchard

Public Speaking and English, Advance Technologies Academy

  • 1991: Joined CCSD as a teacher at Bonanza HS
  • 1994: Received Master’s degree
  • 1994: Returned to CCSD to teach at Advanced Technologies
  • 2007: Received Education Specialist (EdS) degree
  • 2008: Received Advanced Studies certificate

“Every year, there are students who teach me new things.”

What sets the Clark County School District apart?
As one of the largest districts in the country, there are many varied teaching opportunities. When I started in 1991, there were many comprehensive high schools, A-Tech was one of the first magnet schools and now there is a multitude of magnets and career and technical academies. We have a little bit of everything. If you don’t find the right fit right away, there will likely be another school that is a better fit.

How would you describe your students?
The students are probably one of the reasons that I still teach at A-Tech. Every year, there are students who teach me new things. You would think after 22 years of teaching that I’m just doing the same things, but every year, I learn new things. The students make observations that I haven’t thought of and that makes me a better person.

Where is CCSD headed?
Our district keeps growing, and we’ll need to keep growing with it. I see the same progress that I’ve seen in the past continuing into the future. We need to focus on the students and make sure that we have opportunities for them. If our city keeps growing the way it is, I only see more opportunities coming.