Roy Bowden

Science Teacher, West Prep

  • 2009: Retired from the military and entered the Troops to Teachers program
  • 2010: Joined CCSD as a teacher at West Prep

“Teaching is a way I can continue to help kids.”

What drew you to work in Clark County as a teacher?
I used to coach a lot in military and always worked at youth centers. When I retired, I wanted to give something back to the community. Teaching is a way I can continue to help kids.

Describe your favorite unit to teach.
I love teaching the periodic table. Kids are always surprised by how much stuff comes from the earth.

What is it like to live in Clark County?
Tourism is one of our biggest industries, but I very rarely go downtown. It’s not what you see on TV. The community I live in is very good for kids. There are parks everywhere, and it’s such a good place to live and raise a family. That’s why we stayed here.