Star Graduate: Alexander Skrypka of Silverado High School

Star Graduate Alexander Skrypka of Silverado High School has a philosophy of, “Don’t ever give up, and ask for help if you need it and you’ll pass through all your obstacles.” This outlook has helped Alexander overcome physical and academic disabilities.

At five years old he was diagnosed with a medical condition that resulted in his left side being weaker than his right. However, this did not stop him from participating in basketball, swimming, cross country and track at Silverado High School. His love for sports as well as his love for singing in choir helped give him the outlets he needed to be successful in high school.

Outside of school, Alexander also took the time to volunteer at the Discovery Children’s Museum, assisting young children.

Alexander believes in leading by example. He is a tremendous role model to his younger sister and an inspiration to everyone he knows.

His goal is to learn computer science programming at UNLV, have a stable job and raise a family.

Congratulations to Star Graduate Alexander Skrypka of Silverado High School!

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