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We are actively searching for high-quality substitutes (guest teachers, support staff, and coaches) to help be the difference for our students. Substitute job positions are currently open.

Application Instructions (requirements, tips, FAQs, and more)

There’s no HERO without HR! We have some of the best working tirelessly to process applications…thousands and thousands of them! Our folks are perfect for offering tips so that your application can be processed in lightning speed!


Janice Kemple

“Only current or recent supervisors are considered a professional reference. Family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues are considered personal references. They probably like you, but haven’t supervised you.”

Danielle Tait

“Be sure you have correct email address for your supervisors because our references must be sent electronically. It’s better for you to spend time finding the correct email address then for us waiting for idon’ to respond!”


Sandra Camarena

“I can process your application like a rocket if you upload all required documents as opposed to me calling, emailing, calling, emailing…you get the idea! Think of it this way… Not uploading all required documents ASAP prevents you from possibly being hired sooner!”


Christine Lourenco

“In order to have your application processed correctly, you need to attach your application to the substitute job(s) you are interested in. Completing a Substitute Application just tells us the type of job. Now, tell us exactly which substitute job – guest teacher, support staff substitute, or coach – interests you; maybe all 3! After you complete the application, click on the “Jobs” tab located at the top of the page, view the available jobs, click “Apply.” Now, you have officially applied for a job versus filled out an application. Make sense?”

Want more? Check what required documents are needed for your application, detailed application instructions, and FAQs.

Wondering about our review, selection, and hiring processes? View our infographic for an overview.

If you still have a question, please ask us HERE or call (702) 799-5427.