Website Provides More Guidance to Help Schools Implement New State Law Requiring Volunteer Fingerprinting

In an effort to assist school personnel and parents who have questions regarding a new state law pertaining to volunteers at schools, the Clark County School District (CCSD) has established a web page with more guidance and information.

Senate Bill 287, passed in the last Nevada Legislative session, requires all volunteers and representatives to be fingerprinted if they have “unsupervised OR regular contact with students.”

Information on the law, including links to start the fingerprinting process, can be found at

School districts in the state define “regular” contact with students as anyone who volunteers or works around students at least four times a month if they are supervised by a CCSD employee. The law also requires that a volunteer who has unsupervised contact with students even one time to go through the fingerprinting process.

CCSD is aware that some parents who would like to volunteer are unable to cover the $60 fee that goes with getting fingerprinted, so the district is currently looking for external sources to help fundraise to offset those costs for those who cannot afford it.

The law also requires volunteers to act as mandatory reporters of child abuse and sign a document acknowledging that responsibility.

Employees who receive questions from volunteers should refer them to the website, which contains a helpful FAQ section that can be reviewed before they begin filling out their online application.