Yvette Cavada-Garcia

Superhero Recruiter

I am proud to have completed all of my education in the Clark County School District and now honored to serve the community that helped shape me into the individual I am today.

I am eager to scout spectacular super teachers much like those who positively influenced and challenged me to pursue my Bachelors of Business in Human Resources. I am passionate about education and am indebted to my city in bringing the talent that will help foster an educational environment where students can shine and grow.

I love to explore the world and welcome opportunities to engage and connect with different cultures. Additionally, I enjoy attending concerts (Morrissey fan) and indulging in a variety of foods.

What are your favorite things about Vegas?

Las Vegas, the place where quiet suburbs and a glamorous strip meet—I love this city!

  1. Las Vegas is always a tour stop to the best musicians/artists
  2. Everything is open 24 hours a day
  3. Offers the best selection of foods—Tacos El Gordo and Le Thai
  4. 300 days of sunshine
  5. The best shopping in the world