Teach Nevada Scholarship

The Clark County School District in partnership with the NV department of education, is excited to offer a scholarship opportunity to CCSD ALTA teachers who are seeking education licensure.

The Teach NV Scholarships are funded by Senate Bill 511 and provide monetary reimbursement towards the cost of books, tuition and fees required to obtain licensure with the State of Nevada.

Each semester, you will be reimbursed 75% of the cost of your coursework while the remaining 25% will be held in reserve until all scholarship requirements are fulfilled.

Let’s take a look at the requirements. Recipients must:

  • Enroll in an accredited college/university and meet with an academic advisor to outline a program of study inclusive of the credits required for licensure, 
  • Maintain continuous enrollment and complete coursework within (3) years,
  • Secure a teaching position at an Appendix A school for a minimum of (3) years, and
  • Maintain employment with CCSD for (5) years after conversion to standard licensure (7-8 years commitment, total).
  • Students must also agree to complete the requirements to obtain an endorsement to teach English as a second language or an endorsement to teach special education per AB219 Sec.2.  Pursuant to NRS 391A.585, eligible students may include, without limitation:
  • a) Recent high school graduates who have not yet enrolled in a teacher preparation program;
  • b) Students who are currently enrolled in a non-education related college/university degree program and change their academic program to teacher preparation;
  • c) Students who have completed some credits at a university or college who re-enroll in a teacher preparation program;
  • d) Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in a non-education related field and chose to pursue an ARL program for teaching;
  • e) Veterans and the spouses of veterans; and
  • f) Students who have had some experience working in a classroom, including, without
  • limitation, as a paraprofessional or substitute teacher.

Interested? That’s great! –  candidates who would like to be considered for this opportunity can email ccsdarl@nv.ccsd.net. More details to follow!