Community Support Sought to Fulfill School Wish Lists

The Clark County School District (CCSD) School-Community Partnership Program is matching community members who want to provide educational items to the schools who need them through the Support a School project. These efforts to fulfill current lists of items requested by the schools will assist in planning and preparing for next semester and the coming school years.

With help from program ambassadors who lead and teach in the schools, campuses create “wish lists” of items to support educational programs. The items requested include commonly used items, such as pencils, pens, paper and glue sticks. The lists
also include student-centered items like earbuds and backpacks. Some of the more unique items, such as mural design materials, maker space supplies and a pasta maker machine are targeted to specific programs and projects.

“People often call our office asking for simple ways to support our schools,” said Program Coordinator Cheryl Wagner. “The Support a School project provides that, with an easy process to select schools and items online. The idea is that sometimes
schools will have needs beyond the day-to-day budgeted supplies and there may be individuals or companies who have the items on hand or could readily obtain the items for the schools. You just never know: Someone might have a golf cart in good
condition that will help staff to cover a large campus, or a business may have an electronic signboard that can be put to use at a school.”

The Support a School effort encourages individuals, families and businesses to donate supplies, equipment and other resources. Those donations will provide the tools that CCSD teachers need to enhance the lessons. The School-Community Partnership Program follows up to acknowledge the support for the schools.

To find a school to support, visit or contact the partnership office at 702-799-6560.

About the CCSD School-Community Partnership Program                                                                                                 

The School-Community Partnership Program mission is to recruit and retain community partners who help to increase student achievement and engagement by enriching the scholastic experience. Join Partnership on Facebook and Twitter or visit for more information.

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