Professional Growth System (PGS) and Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

We believe that it is vital to maintain a professional learning system that leads to improvement in both student learning and professional practice.  The purpose of the PGS is to:

  • provide career options for licensed professionals who want to seek additional responsibility;
  • recognize and reward licensed professionals who attain and demonstrate knowledge and skills that improve instructional and professional practice, and;
  • recognize and reward improved licensed professional practices that are a significant factor in student learning and other student outcomes.

As part of the PGS, licensed professionals are encouraged to create a PGP.  Each PGP is:

  • wholly unique to the licensed professional, not a “one-size-fits-all” plan;
  • goal and measurement orientated;
  • crafted in collaboration with his/her supervisor.

Licensed professionals are encouraged to remain career-long learners in order to increase student learning, enhance and update relevant skills, and to be visible models as learners to their students and colleagues. The PGS and PGP are the vehicles for column movement on our Professional Salary Table.  For more information, please see Article 26-3 of the Negotiated Agreement by clicking HERE.