Star Graduates 2020 – Mission High School

Carlie Pachinger has made an indelible impression on Mission High School, and her VW Beetle tracks have blazed a trail worth celebrating.

As a freshman, Carlie admittedly did not see a bright future for herself. Her personal struggles had led her astray; the first semester of her freshman year, she frequently ditched classes and hung out with a destructive crowd.

Thankfully, something shifted when she transferred to Mission High School. Carlie began to heal from her past, using her experiences to help her peers. Academically, Carlie discovered her talent for reading, writing, and science; now graduating a year early!

We will never forget when the fiercely individualistic, natural-born leader belted out a jaw-dropping, operatic “Ave Maria” in an impromptu talent show.

Carlie’s spirited drive to better herself and help others will be an asset at Nevada State College and wherever else life takes her. The Mission family wishes our Star Graduate continued success and inspiration!

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