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We are actively searching for high-quality substitutes (guest teachers, support staff, and coaches) to help be the difference for our students. Substitute job positions are currently open.

Application Instructions, Requirements, and Tips

We have some of the best working tirelessly to process applications…thousands and thousands of them!  Our folks are perfect for offering tips so that your application can be processed in lightning speed!

Darnell Daugherty

Personnel Assistant

“A master applicant is someone who pays attention to detail and reads the fine print. Both of these attributes can contribute to an easy journey through our process. Good luck!”

Debbie Keith

Personnel Analyst

“Remember when filling out your application, you are telling us your story. Make sure to complete all required information. We want to get your application processed quickly.”

Janice Kemple

Personnel Assistant

“The Clark County School District is home to our future leaders of America. Every job is equally important to support the success of our students. Apply today, stay in close contact with your specialist throughout the process. Required information is listed for each section of the application, complete applications will process quickly. We are all working for the same cause, our children. It is a rewarding experience.”


Want more? Check what required documents are needed for your application.

Still have questions? Ask us HERE or call us at (702) 799-5427 option 1.