Superintendent’s Mailbag: How to be Part of a School Organizational Team (SOT)

Each week, the Clark County School District responds to some of the emails it receives from district employees, parents or community members. This week, the district responds to a question regarding School Organizational Teams.

“How can I be a part of a School Organizational Team?”

School Organizational Teams are made up of elected licensed staff, education support professionals, parents/guardians and students, as well as one or more optional, non-elected community members who will assist the principal in making important decisions impacting the school.

The elections for this school year’s SOTs are taking place.

• Teacher member elections are on Thursday, Sept. 7.
• Support staff member elections happen Monday, Sept. 11 – Thursday, Sept. 14.
• Parent member elections happen throughout the month of September. Please check with your student’s school for exact dates.

Check out these videos for more information on SOTs and the election process:

• General Overview:
• Parents:
• Teachers:
• Support Staff: