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We are actively searching for high-quality support staff to help be the difference for our students, either indirectly working in central office or directly by working in schools. Check our job board often because open positions are updated weekly.


Application Instructions and Tips

We have some of the best working tirelessly to process applications…thousands and thousands of them!  Our folks are perfect for offering tips so that your application can be processed in lightning speed!

Allanah Coreas

Personnel Analyst

“We work applications in the order that we receive them, so please stay cool, calm and collected. The journey is worth your destination here with us at CCSD.”

Silva Labayan

Personnel Assistant

“Please look out for our emails, as that is the best way we communicate with applicants. Our emails are like the key to unlock a door, and your application is the door. So please, take our key, read it thoroughly, and provide required information. We are helping you unlock the door for your future.”

Malia Fletcher

Personnel Assistant

“Please make sure you are uploading all the documents required for the positions in which you are applying for. We require your help to process your application fully and in a timely manner. Your application is like a puzzle; if we go into it and all the pieces aren’t there, it is never finished.”

Want more? Check out our detailed application instructions. If you still have questions, please ask us HERE or call us at (702) 799-5427, option 2.