Every day in the classroom is critical to student success. Our substitutes provide important stability in the classroom, ensuring that our students do not miss a moment of valuable learning time.

CCSD relies on qualified, enthusiastic substitutes to fill this important role. We also value the unique perspectives that substitutes can bring to the classroom.

Working as a substitute is a great way to start your career with CCSD – or to stay connected with the district. There are several types of substitutes in CCSD including guest teachers and support staff paraprofessional substitutes.

  • Guest Teaching: Many people use guest teaching as a pathway into a teaching career, and some of our retired employees continue their work with students on a part-time basis as a substitute. To work as a guest teacher in CCSD, you must have a substitute license or a teaching license.
  • Support Staff/Paraprofessional Substitutes: These substitutes serve in the absence of a regular support staff employee such as an Instructional Assistant, Special Programs Teacher Assistant, Physical education Aide, and Library Aide. If you are interested in gaining experience in a field other than teaching, a support staff substitute may be the position for you. To work as a support staff substitute, you must, at minimum, hold a high school diploma.

CCSD provides substitute teachers with comprehensive training and support including:

  • Education Training
  • Orientation to the district
  • Ongoing professional development

You can view the pay rates for substitute positions here.

Start your application today.

  • Current CCSD teachers and support staff who wish to substitute during the summer:  Limited positions available. Apply by completing an Internal Substitute Application.
  • Coaching candidates: Become a primary or assistant coach for virtually any sport during any season. Individuals can volunteer or be paid, but must be selected and approved by a specific school in order to apply.Coaches will need to complete a substitute application and apply to coaches position under the Jobs tab. Please note, coaches must submit the requesting school’s Administrator as a confidential reference.