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Opportunities abound in The Clark County School District (CCSD), one of the largest and fastest growing districts in the United States. Serving more than 315,000 students in a unique combination of urban and rural schools, CCSD seeks exceptional teachers, leaders and staff who are committed to helping all students thrive.

Our students come from all over the world, speaking more than 154 languages, making CCSD the ideal fit for bilingual teachers and those with experience teaching English Language Learners. CCSD is home to some of the best educators in the country, including, three Milken Award winners in the past five years.

Our focus on innovation makes us an ideal home for teachers in the high need areas of Math, Science and Special Education. During years of rapid growth, CCSD has built more than 110 new schools since 2000, including six new Career & Technical Academies and some of the top magnet schools in the nation. No matter your background or area of specialty, you will find a school that will be a perfect fit.