CCSD Professional Growth System

The following information is provided for teachers and other licensed employees who are accruing Contact Units (CUs) for column advancement.

Annual Deadlines

June 1 – Deadline to submit the Request for Column Advancement for the next contract year. If a licensed employee fails to comply with this deadline, then the employee will not advance a column the next contract year. The Request for Column Advancement is provided in this link:

August 31 – Deadline to complete all requirements for all hours/coursework being used for the column advancement for the current contract year.

October 1 – Deadline to submit all PGPs, CU activities, and required documentation within the ELMS. Official university transcripts must be received by the Professional Growth System department via e-transcript from the university at or at the following physical address:
Clark County School District
Human Resources Division – Attn: PGS Department
2832 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121



With the transition to the online system, many of the hard-copy forms that have been used for the Professional Growth System have been replaced with online workflows. However, there are still some activities that require the use of hard-copy documentation.

You will find links to all of the documents below. Please download and save the form prior to typing into it. Once completed and signed, the form will need to be part of the documents uploaded to one’s Google Drive and submitted as a link for Self-Reported Activities.

Please see the Documentation Required for CU Submissions in ELMS for the requirements to be submitted for completed activities. This may be viewed in two formats:

PGS Reference Guide
The Reference Guide contains the activities that may be used for CU accrual within the Professional Growth System.

Contact Unit Approval Form – Time-Based Activities
This form must be completed by the Educator/Licensed Professional, with approval signature by the supervising administrator after completing time-based activities in the following areas:

  • Academic Trips or Competitions
  • Applying for National or State Awards
  • Coaching a Sport/Advising or Coordinating an Extracurricular Club or Activity
  • Common Assessment Writing for the District or the School Improvement Plan
  • Community-Based Awards
  • Grant Writing
  • Mentoring other Staff
  • Mentoring – being a Mentee
  • Parent or Community Engagement Leadership
  • Parent or Community Engagement Participation (Tier I & II only)
  • PLC Participation
  • Presenting Professional Development
  • School Organizational Team (SOT) Service
  • Schoolwide Planning (Tier I & II only)
  • Summer School
  • Tutoring – School Based in Core-Content Areas
  • Writing or Developing Professional Development
  • Writing, Developing, or Evaluating Curriculum as part of a Districtwide or Statewide Committee

*Please refer to the PGS Reference Guide (above) for limitations in relation to these activities.

Contact Unit Approval Form – Lower-Level College Coursework
This form must be completed by the Educator/Licensed Professional, with approval signature by the supervising administrator prior to taking 200-level college coursework in education, 200-level college coursework not in education, or 100-level college coursework related to multiculturalism.

*Please refer to the PGS Reference Guide (above) for limitations.

Contact Unit Approval Form – University Student Assignment
This form must be completed by the Educator/Licensed Professional, with approval signature by the supervising administrator prior to being assigned a student teacher, a practicum student, or a field observation student (or equivalent for other licensed professionals).

Documentation Submission Deadline and Tutorials

October 1 Submission Deadline

All documentation for CUs accrued by August 31 are due in CCSD ELMS by October 1. Any CU submissions timestamped on or after 12:00 a.m. on October 2 will not count toward column advancement for the current contract year. Training sessions for submitting professional learning hours can be found in CCSD ELMS, keyword “PGS.”

Submission Tutorials and Directions


Please direct questions to the Professional Growth System Department at (702) 799-4747 or via CCSD Google email at “”