Zappos’ Terrific Partnership with CCSD

By October 1, 2019Uncategorized

Zappos recently unveiled its seventh school closet in its Closets for Good program, the locally focused charitable initiative in collaboration with Closets Las Vegas and Born This Way FoundationSuperintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara was on hand to commemorate the closet ribbon cutting.

Closets for Good works with local elementary, middle, and high schools — whose students and their families may face economic challenges — by stocking each campus’ closet with everyday necessities, including nonperishable food, school supplies, hygiene products, shoes, and clothing.

The latest beneficiary at the Clark County School District is Jerome D. Mack Middle School, which debuted its closet last week. Mack Middle School is one of eight schools that is part of CCSD’s Innovative Schools Pilot Program, which offers incentives to experienced teachers committed to building a positive culture and increasing student achievement.

Roxanne James, the principal of Mack Middle School, says she is “very happy to be partnered with Zappos and all of our community members who really come together to help our kids.” James notes that food insecurities and clothing insecurities are a reality for many students. “Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just about math or English,” she says.

“The idea for Closets for Good came about after participating in the CCSD School-Community Partnership Program at Rundle Elementary School, where I had the honor of being Principal for a Day,” says Marcela Gutierrez, head of Closets for Good, Zappos.

“It was an eye-opening experience, being exposed to the basic needs kids are worrying about on a day-to-day basis – everything from where their next meal is coming from to whether there are toiletries in the house,” Gutierrez says. “At Zappos, we highly prioritize our community and feel it’s especially important to empower our youth. With the Closets for Good program and our valued partners, we’re able to help set them up for success.”

Along with Zappos, Closets Las Vegas, and Born This Way Foundation, other participating partners include CCSD’s School-Community Partnership Program and The Public Education Foundation.

The goal is to donate up to 11 closets by the end of the year. Each closet is tailored to the needs of the school. Closets opened so far include J. Harold Brinley Middle School, Eldorado High School, Jerome D. Mack Middle School, Mojave High School, Richard J. Rundle Elementary School, Sandy Valley Schools, and Marvin M. Sedway Middle School.

The next closet will be unveiled Sept. 26 at Howard E. Hollingsworth Elementary School, marking the eighth one of the program.

Click here to watch a story about this exciting program that Channel 13 broadcast in March.

If you would like to partner with CCSD, contact the School-Community Partnership Program at 702-799-6560.